Letter to the Editor: On Big Ideas, Ignorance, and Irony

Los Alamos

It strikes me as ironic that in an age that has not known smallpox, in a town founded on reason, we’re debating whether or not a make-believe sky-god will be offended by our choice of date for a Big Idea conference.

Why limit our concern to Jehovah, though? Should we also check with Allah, God, Zeus, Amen-Ra, Quetzalcoatl, Zoroaster, Yukiyú, and the thousands of other gods mankind has invented  throughout the millennia? Each of those has or had adherents whose belief is just as strong and whose sacred-day rules are just as arbitrary. No matter what day is picked – or which idea is discussed – it’s bound to offend some deity.

Perhaps our Next Big Idea event could include envisioning a world free of superstition.


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