Letter to the Editor: No-brainers And The Other No-brainers

Los Alamos

A common use of the term “no-brainer” is to imply that the “right” decision is so obvious as to not require engagement of the brain.

An alternative interpretation, which may be the more correct in some of the recent dialogue in the LADP (letter), implies the making of a facile choice without engagement of the brain, e.g., investing in a transparent pyramid scheme or trying to get rich at a casino.

Google “define facile”, apparently from vocabdictionary.com:


1. (especially of a theory or argument) appearing neat and comprehensive only by ignoring the true complexities of an issue; superficial.

Synonyms: simplistic, superficial, oversimplified; shallow, glib, jejune, naive, dime-store; “a facile explanation”.