Letter to the Editor: NM Air Goes Above & Beyond!

Frances Meier
Los Alamos 

I am writing this letter to tell everyone I can about New Mexico Air. They are outstanding!

Every time I have flown with them, they have shown exemplary service. They are prompt, efficient, courteous and competent. That alone is enough to want to keep them here in business.

NM Air does more than that, though. They go above and beyond to meet the needs of their customers. I have two stories. Last November, our daughter was scheduled to fly up here from Albuquerque on NM Air’s last flight of the day. Her incoming flight from Chicago was delayed, but she called NM Air to alert them. They not only held the flight for her; they held it even later for another passenger who was delayed even more. Our daughter was, of course, more than happy to wait for someone else since NM Air had waited for her.

Then in January, she flew NM Air to Albuquerque to go from there to Chicago, only to find out later that her Chicago flight had been cancelled. Her best option at that point was to come back to Los Alamos. Remembering that NM Air had a 2:30 p.m. flight, she went to their desk. She arrived at about 2:15 to see, to her horror, the NM Air flight already pulling out. Since all their passengers with reservations were already on the plane, NM Air was leaving early – another nicety they provide to their customers. When she explained her dilemma to NM Air, they called back the plane and she was able to get on it! 

These are just two examples that they truly live their motto: “We’re here for you!” 

I encourage everyone here in Los Alamos to support NM Air and to do all we can to keep them in business. Their prices are very reasonable, their schedule is convenient, and I can’t say enough about their excellent service.