Letter to the Editor: New Mexicans Should Stand Up

Santa Fe

As the United States and Iran work toward a historic nuclear draft accord on the status of Iran’s nuclear program, dozens of US senators have interfered in the negotiations.

Sen.r Tom Cotton and 46 others sent an ill-informed letter to Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran, threatening to end any negotiated agreement regarding nuclear weapons once President Obama leaves office. This undermines the President’s ability now, and in the future, to achieve the national security goals of the United States.

It should be the long-term goal of our national leaders to rid the world of all nuclear weapons, whether they be in the hands of Iran, North Korea, Russia or the United States. We in New Mexico should stand up and be the leaders in this area.

Whether we have parents affected by radiation from the Trinity test, friends who worked in the uranium mines, or distant relatives who created Fat Man, the history of the atomic age is littered with human and environmental casualties.

As an Action Corps leader for Global Zero, I urge all New Mexicans to support negotiations with Iran, and pressure our local leaders to support the elimination of nuclear weapons.


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