Letter To The Editor: New Food Rule At Los Alamos Golf Course Questioned

Los Alamos

I was just speaking with my co-worker, Jimmy Dabney, about a change this season at the local golf course.

The county website states “At this time, PLEASE remember there is NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR BEVERAGE permitted at the Los Alamos Golf Course.” Is the county really trying to say that I can no longer pack a bottle of coke and baggies of nuts and raisins for my husband for his Saturday 18 holes?

All the years that the golf course has been open, people have always been welcome to pack a cooler for their golf cart or put food and beverages in their golf bag. Since we got a new building we are getting new rules, too. My husband was not informed of this change when he purchased his Single Adult Pass for $811.25; so are they really enforceable?

I am really confused. Is anyone else?


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