Letter to the Editor: Murdered Schoolchildren Killed in ‘Gun Free Zones’

Parent of three LAHS graduates, and one current student

I must respond to Ms. Nancy Schick’s letter complaining about the Los Alamos Schools leasing the old Pueblo gym to the Los Alamos Sportsmen’s Club for their Gun Show.

I find it appalling that Ms. Schick seems ignorant of the fact that that all of the murdered schoolchildren she alludes to were killed in “gun-free zones.” Perhaps we should re-name those areas “defenseless-victim zones” because that illustrates much more clearly their effect on the safety of our children.

I pray that in future we will have the courage to discard the misguided and uninformed opinions of people like Ms. Schick, and use a bit of common sense so we can send our kids to school with better protection than a “defenseless-victims here” sign in the window.

Here is an additional item for Ms. Schick to consider: More than 15 years of Gun Shows in Pueblo Gym, nearly 50,000 attendees, hundred of thousands of guns for sale, and zero injuries or fatalities.