Letter To The Editor: Morris Pongratz Would Be Wonderful Addition To School Board

Miriam Wallstrom and Sydne Ashford attend the Espanola Foster Children’s Christmas party, a Key Club event sponsored by Kiwanis. Courtesy photo
Los Alamos

Morrie Pongratz would be a wonderful addition to the Los Alamos School Board. I was honored to have the opportunity to work with Morrie for four years during my time in the Los Alamos High School Key Club. 

As a timid first-year member, I felt more welcome in the club after interacting with Morrie’s warm and spirited personality. Each meeting, I noticed him in the back of the room, taking scrupulous notes and politely interjecting with suggestions when necessary.

When I became a member of the Key Club board junior year, and later president of the club during my senior year, I knew that I could always go to Morrie for advice on planning events and community outreach. When Key Club did events such as Breakfast with Santa or address curb painting, he was a vital point of reference. In Key Club, I felt confident in my leadership positions knowing that I could always ask him for help. 

Morrie not only supported Key Club in all of its endeavors, but also advocated for me in my personal life. Whenever I was mentioned in the newspaper, he sent me the link in an email, with the subject line reading “Congratz from Pongratz!”

During my junior year, he attended my trumpet recital and enthusiastically greeted me after my performance. His genuine interest in my life outside of school was touching and underscores his ability to recognize the power of small but meaningful acts.

Morrie has shown his devotion to our community and public school system a thousand fold. I have confidence that if elected to the school board, his efforts to improve our community will be fruitful.