Letter to the Editor: Los Alamos Should Be Visited By The World – Not Shrouded In Secrecy

Los Alamos

It’s always surprising to me the many experts who come out against initiatives of the council never having bothered to even make a cursory review of the issue.

The branding effort by the council is another way that the rest of the world can be encouraged to visit our community. The proposed brand was not developed to appease the local population but to give the world a more inviting phrase that will encourage visitors rather than turning them away as does the “atomic city” brand. I personally like the atomic city; however, I am not running a business dependent upon tourists.

What’s important is that the council is marketing Los Alamos to improve the private sector and enhance retail for our own residents. Whether the brand is “love”, “the one”, or my favorite “Q”, (look these up to see who uses them) successful marketing programs have been built around these ridiculous brands.

Los Alamos is a great community that deserves to be recognized and visited by the world not shrouded in secrecy.