Letter To The Editor: Los Alamos Pedestrians Beware…

Los Alamos
The nation’s 4th worst drivers are out in force today. While driving home for lunch today, I observed a hapless pedestrian almost get hit twice in one intersection.
This young man was approaching the intersection of 20th and Trinity (on the Ashley Pond side). Just as he was going to cross 20th, a lady in a red sedan cut in front of him in her zeal to beat any traffic (there was none).

After the red sedan lady zoomed in front of no traffic, the young man proceeded to cross the intersection only to have a middle aged man in a gray SUV hypotenuse through the intersection while turning left from Trinity to 20th forcing the young man to run to avoid the Death Race 3000 contender in the gray SUV. I guess he was trying to beat the non-existent traffic, too.

Later as I drove up to my house and got out of my car, I saw an older gent with a gray beard in a Honda CUV with two bikes on top hang a U-Turn and nearly hit a young lady who had just crossed the street while walking up to her house. I guess he thought it was okay to come within 2-3 feet of the young lady because he was parking.

On my way back to work, a lady in her red Honda sedan was holding up the right turn traffic onto Diamond from Trinity while she applied her mascara. She did put down the mascara wand long enough to make the turn, but luckily for her eye, the light at Canyon and Trinity was red, allowing her to finish her makeup make-over.

Los Alamos residents, being the over-achievers they are, aren’t happy with being #4; they want the honor of being the nation’s worst drivers.


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