Letter To The Editor: Los Alamos Needs Steven Girrens On Council

Los Alamos County Council Chair

Exciting times are coming for Los Alamos. Between changes in the management of the laboratory and implementation of the new Legacy Remediation campaigns, we find ourselves working hard at the state legislature and with the federal legislators and bureaucrats. A combination of skills is necessary to coordinate with state and federal legislators. I find the efforts in Washington to be important, difficult and demanding. 

Councilor Steven Girrens has demonstrated keen awareness of issues and data while representing Los Alamos in Washington. Focus is an important tool when we go to Washington. Data and current relationships are paramount to navigating the system. I am impressed by the support and the leadership we get with Steve. Steve can recall county and laboratory corporate history, which is important to frame our conversations with our representatives in Washington, D.C. Continuity at this time also is important as we make consistent and focused presentations to senators, congressman and administrative bureaucrats.

I enjoy my service on Council. I enjoy all the Councilors I have worked with over the last 2 to 4 years. I have given very careful consideration to making this single request of the voters. Please join me in voting for Steven Girrens. We need him during these exciting times.


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