Letter to the Editor: Looking at Half of the Sun

Los Alamos
I was astonished to find the Public Regulation Commission’s voting results on the production of solar energy in New Mexico. It’s amazing to know that New Jersey currently creates more solar energy than we do already, but now that 1 kilowatt-hour of solar energy is worth two credits, it cuts our value of solar energy production in half. This vote has just made the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard of reaching 15 percent by 2015 seem impossible.

Having lived in New Mexico all my life, I’ve had the opportunity to experience what the land means to so many people here. Families have told me that they are connected to the land, just as their ancestors were. New Mexicans live, grow, and thrive from what is provided to us through this state and one of the greatest things about New Mexico is its sun.

If we are to keep such a noble tradition and be known as the “land of enchantment” then we need to step up our game. What will happen to our land if we continue to fill it with toxins from resources like coal that are sure to run out? Increasing our solar energy production will increase the livelihoods of our generations to come so that they, too can enjoy the beauties of New Mexico.