Letter To The Editor: Lisa Shin Represents Us Not Big Government

Los Alamos

I am proud to support Lisa Shin in her campaign for NM House District 43. Her recent editorial opposing new GRT taxes on the Laboratory showed great insight and a thoughtful command of the key issues effecting the economy of Northern New Mexico.

State government often focuses on one type of solution in order to address needs in our community: new taxes, new fees and excessive regulations. This type of government overreach drives up the cost of doing business and will ultimately drive new science and national security jobs away from Northern New Mexico to other more business friendly states.

Lisa Shin’s approach is the right one, with state government working to defend the Laboratory’s unique national security mission and ensure that its infrastructure and workforce can be expanded.

Most importantly, Lisa Shin will not waste our public money on bloated and unnecessary capital projects, that do little to grow our economy or benefit our families. She will not let the voices of big government special interests silence the voices of working people. Her opponent took a very different approach in 2010, when as a private citizen she filed a lawsuit to stop Los Alamos citizens from voting on a twenty million dollar municipal building project. We need a representative who will listen to all our citizens. Lisa Shin is the right choice for New Mexico.