Letter To The Editor: LANL Highlights CASL Scientists And Engineers

By LANL Public Affairs Office

In response to Bill Johnson’s letter published in this morning’s edition of the Los Alamos Daily Post, LANL’s Public Affairs Office issued the following:

Thank you for the opportunity to highlight the names of the many individuals who have contributed to the success of this excellent program. Usually in articles and press releases we don’t have this luxury, but this is a good chance to get their names into the spotlight. 

As with most complex science projects, there are many people who work hard to make things happen on many levels, both scientific and otherwise.  

A focus of this press release was the consortium-wide agreement by which CASL intellect property will be managed, hence the quote from the business executive who played an instrumental role. 

The intellectual property being protected was generated by the following researchers and staff members:

David Andersson, Mark Christon, Chris Stanek, Carlos Tome, Ed Dendy, Alankar, Brian Kendrick, Chris Taylor, Rob Lowrie, Stephen Lee, Balu Nadiga, Markus Berndt, Nate Barnett, Marianne Francois, Jozsef Bakosi, Duan Zhang, Bogdan Mihaila, Marko Knezevic, Ondrej Certik, Jun Kim, John Barber, Isaac Schilling, Blas Uberuaga, Gopinath Subramanian, Matt Rossi, Kathleen McDonald, DV Rao, Pat McClure, Fawn Gore, Paul Dixon, Brian Williams, John Sarrao and Alan Bishop.


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