Letter To The Editor: Keep It Local Support Rec Bond

Los Alamos

We often talk about ‘keeping it loca’l in Los Alamos and the importance of supporting our wonderful local businesses. It’s hard to “Keep it Local” when we have limited recreational facilities, especially for families. I want to “Keep it Local” and that’s why I am voting Yes for the upcoming recreation bond.

When my family wants something fun to do, unfortunately, we often have to leave Los Alamos County. While we hike and enjoy the natural beauty of the area we have to leave to do a lot of other activities such as swimming, bowling, and supporting my children’s athletic events. Every time we leave, we spend money and that money is going to benefit another county. Many families are in a similar situation. Every time we have to leave the hill for an activity, we are buying lunch somewhere else and shopping somewhere else. 

By voting yes, we are supporting our local community. Yes, our taxes will increase but we spend that money in gas, hotels, and food when we have to leave. When we buy a lunch and hang out at the local splash pad all summer, that money stays here. When tourists visit our community and see there is so much more to do, they stay longer and spend more. 

Many have argued that the pool doesn’t support itself right now, why should we spend money to create the multi-generational pool? We don’t support the pool because it’s terrible for our children. It’s too cold and too deep and so we drive to Santa Fe. Once it’s a place that we want to go, we’ll put our money there as well.

My daughter plays Jr. Roller Derby. Teams from other states have asked to play our team, but because we do not have an all-weather option we cannot invite teams six to ten hours away to play here with the chance that weather will force a cancellation. We are not just spending our money in other counties, because we lack these facilities we are unable to bring people and additional revenue here. 

Keep it Local and Support the Recreation Bond.