Letter To The Editor: Keep District Court Judge Greg Shaffer … We Need His Sense Of Responsibility

By Attorney Christopher L. Graeser
Santa Fe

I support District Court Judge Greg Shaffer because of his sense of responsibility. In New Mexico appointed judges must immediately run in a partisan election. It is not unheard of for appointed judges to focus on campaigning rather than doing their job. Not so with Greg. He kept the trial settings of the cases he inherited and has worked tirelessly to demonstrate through his work that he is a judge we should keep.

As I write this, he is presiding over a 5-day jury trial in Tierra Amarilla. I asked him why he did not move the trial until after the election. His answer: he took an oath to do a job and the parties deserved to have their assigned day in court.

Vote to keep Greg in the June Democratic primary. He has the sense of responsibility we need in our judges.