Letter to the Editor: Just A Heads Up To Be Aware

Los Alamos
Understand that this is speculation. It’s just a heads up to be aware. I thought I should let people know. I had a door to door salesman come by my White Rock home Friday trying to get me to switch from Dish to Direct TV.
I listened to him. I asked questions. We got quotes on his smartphone. I never let him inside. He wanted me to make a decision based on his chicken scratching on notebook paper. I gave him a water and went inside to Google the company. CORTZCOM. Very little information. None good. I declined. He became irritated and shaky.
All he got from me was my name, address and cell phone number. I called the Los Alamos Police Department because I understand there is an ordinance about soliciting. They told me they had received other calls on this same issue within hours.
He returned once asking for a light for his cigarette. Today he returned to “follow up”. I declined again. He wears a blue and black striped jacket. He’s small, thin, red hair. Scrawny guy. Say’s he’s from Tennessee. Goes by C.V. Rhodes. He heard the iconic “bang” that we are so used to hearing (LANL test) and inquired. He had no idea what Los Alamos was about. I’m sure he’s from out of state. 
Here’s the kicker. I have Lifelock identity theft insurance. I have never ever gotten a call from them. For years even. I even considered canceling them due to lack of activity. I wondered if they were really doing their job. They called me today and said someone had put in a request for credit in my name…was it me. I responded no. They are looking into it. Strange coincidence. Watch out for this guy.