Letter To The Editor: Janecky Endorses Baker

Los Alamos

District 4 Voters,

I am writing this letter to ask that you first and foremost vote in the current election.

I am also writing to ask that you support Julia Baker for our LAPS District School board seat. She is the candidate most able to serve you well.

I held this seat and served as your school board member (secretary, vice president and president) in the past. I know how much work it takes to be an effective school board member. School board members attend multiple meetings a month (not just school board meetings and work sessions, but they also attend joint meetings with county council and committee meetings).

They are also required to travel to state workshops, clinics and meetings often enough to accumulate state credits to serve. A school board officer receives a thick packet before each meeting with their agenda. A diligent school board member reviews the packet thoroughly and researches topics before the meeting.

Julia as a “stay at home mom” has the time, motivation and willingness to do all of this. She is already putting much time into this position as a candidate. She has been attending school board and community meetings, met her constituents by knocking on over 800 doors, and is keeping an up to date website and Facebook page where she discusses current issues and her priorities in running. Her dedication to her campaign shows her willingness to serve.

Julia is a former 5th grade teacher, she understands the workings of a school district. She is well versed in current legislation and policy and has shown this in the League of Women Voters forum and other interviews. Julia is currently serving as Barranca Elementary PTO vice president and has received the endorsement of the LAFSE, the school employee’s union.

Julia hopes to serve you and your children by fostering communication and passing budgets that align with students’ needs.

Vote for the candidate that has the time and dedication to do the job. Vote for Julia Baker!