Letter to the Editor: It’s The Posse Shack … Not Lodge

By Chris Weaver
Los Alamos

Just a note from someone who has lived here for over 50 years and who was a former member of the Sheriff’s Posse: I would be more than happy to donate to the cause if we could return to calling the structure what is historically: The Posse Shack.

That is the name given to the building by the original posse members and if we want this to be a historical site, we should use the original name.

I don’t know if someone who is not familiar with the history decided to “class it up a bit” or if there is a believed upscale appeal in calling it the Posse Lodge, but it’s definitely not historical. It just sounds snobbish. There was nothing demeaning about the Posse Shack and that’s what it should remain.


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