Letter To The Editor: Issues With CYFD …

Los Alamos
Why can’t the CHild Youth and Families Department (CYFD) allow a respondent to take the matter to trial so the parent can deny the charges levied by an enemy?
I know the cases are sealed and or sequestered in the children’s court of law and that the CYFD makes fraudulent claims that they had the neglect/abuse petitions served upon the parent, that the CYFD claims the mediation process is one way verbally then after the parent signs the document read to them by the CYFD’s attorney the mediation process becomes torture and forced disappearance and is why the matter is being addressed in the International Criminal Court against YAWL on behalf of everyone everywhere.
How can the CYFD claim that proof of the foster parents crimes against the child have to be kept off the record and not allowed to be used against the CYFD agents?

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