Letter To The Editor: Issues Encountered While Trying To Mail Package To New Zealand

Los Alamos

Recently I was eager to send a package to New Zealand for my daughter’s birthday. I had heard that the United States Post Office had suspended mail to NZ, so I took my package to an alternate system, our local UPEX. 

There I found that to mail the 6lb package would cost up to more than $400. This was far more than the package was worth so I opted to call our local Los Alamos Post Office just to confirm that I couldn’t send it through them.

This is when things got interesting. The gentleman who answered the phone (I deeply regret not getting his name) told me that indeed there was no regular mail delivery to NZ. He then told me that it was NZ itself which was responsible for this. They would not accept such mail from the United Sates. I was also told that anything I had heard to the contrary was “union propaganda” and that Louis DeJoy, the current postmaster general, had done wonderful things for the post office.

Seriously disturbed I contacted my daughter who sent me the following link from New Zealand.


As you can see, he was lying. The United States has suspended mail delivery to NZ, Australia and Samoa among others, secondary to an “unavailability of transportation”.

I find it reprehensible that someone from our hometown USPS is spreading such disinformation. I hope both the postal worker concerned and the rest of us can be educated about what is really going on.


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