Letter To The Editor: Islamophobia – Shame On US(A)

Los Alamos

In a letter to New Mexican editors: “Very un-American: I am ashamed to live in a state that announces its ignorant reluctance to accept Syrian refugees. Gov. Susana Martinez, you should be ashamed. Mr. Trump, Mr. Rubio, have you no shame in using the deaths in Paris as a drum to beat for your election?”

I didn’t write this, but I agree completely; it is not just Trump, Rubio, and Susana: it’s the citizens who stand up and cheer, and the pundits who rail against President Obama and call for stricter background screening. We should look at our more civilized neighbors to the north in Canada, who are already taking in the first of 25,000 refugees that will arrive in two months.

The United States’ review process is already several years long. For years I’ve heard journalists and military people who had Iraqi and Afghan interpreters, including some they credit with saving their lives numerous times, plead for years that our government grant visas that were promised them in the beginning.

Look up the phrase, PEOPLE OF THE BOOK; you will find this includes Jews, Christians, and Muslims. All three religions believe they descend from Abraham (i.e. are Abrahamic). Look in your dictionary for the definition of SEMITE; you will find the first definition includes Arabs, Arameans, Babylonians, Carthaginians, Ethiopians, Hebrews, and Phoenicians. Yes, the second definition, and the more modern usage, is Jews. I remember a full-page political ad in the New York Times this summer where a young Muslim lady is saying, “HOW DO I SAVE MY BEAUTIFUL, PEACE-LOVING RELIGION.”

Yes, we should be ashamed of our fear and hatred of Islam as a response to the horrible actions of a misguided few.