Letter to the Editor: Intent Was to Correct Any Short Comings

By Mike Wheeler

Several years ago I and my fellow councilors passed a non-partisen motion to appoint a citizen committee to review the county charter since several petitions had been brought by citizens but were found to be illegal.

Our intent was to correct any short comings that may impede citizen input to the council. Our appointed committee included several citizens who brought the problem petitions to the council.

Now three years later, Los Alamos can vote on needed amendments that clarify and simplify the county charter.

The proposed amendments should help citizens who wish to petition county government through initiative, referendum, and recall.

Petitioners will still have to ensure for themselves that the petition is a legal action, and collect the required number of signatures in the allowable time as specified in the charter.

Our citizen committee worked very hard over the past three years. The committee, lead by John Hopkins, received input from the community at public meetings during the entire process.

The responsibilities of the committee were enormous and their decisions difficult. Now it is up to the voters to consider these amendments.

As with all legislative processes, compromise was needed to present these amendments to the voters. I want the thank the committee members and the community for their input and I urge you to vote
yes on the charter amendments 1-4.



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