Letter to the Editor: In Defense of a Lone Soldier

Denver, Colo.

In response to Khalil Spencer’s recent letter on idealism, I find his comparison of ISIS and the IDF to be offensive. To associate the militant terrorism of ISIS and the protective efforts of the Israeli Defense Force is not only ignorant, but abhorrent and this comparison should not be dignified.

The request by Los Alamos native, Jon Miller is for protective equipment—armored vests, not weapons, for him and other lone soldiers in the IDF like him (those with families that do not live in Israel). Donations to his GoFundMe request (http://www.gofundme.com/e45s40) will help keep him and other soldiers in his unit safe.

Spencer’s criticism posted on this site from the security of a seat behind his computer displays a lack of credibility and integrity. Instead of condemning the violence and injustice in the Middle East, Jonathan Miller is doing something about it and working to help support the defense of a country that he identifies with and has compassion for their mission of defense. He is far from radicalized or overwhelmed by idealism. I should know, I am his mother. If Jon joined the US military, as Spencer suggests, they would likely send him somewhere in the Middle East, probably to fight ISIS threats. My son has chosen to be there to defend Israel. This is more honorable then Spencer’s detached criticism.

Mr. Spencer, if you want to bash someone in one of your derogatory letters to the editor, then bash me. DO NOT bash my son or the IDF. Doing so is akin to attacking Israel and the Jewish community. Attacking the Jewish Community is dangerously close to being a hate crime. Please keep your prejudiced, derogatory statements to yourself. Did your mother not teach you that if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.