Letter To The Editor: Important To Vote For Judges

Los Alamos Federated Republican Women

A colleague recently asked me if I thought it was really important to vote for the judges on the ballot in November. I told her absolutely! Judges make all sorts of decisions, from the very personal—such as child custody—to those with broader, community impact—such as sentencing a convicted burglar to probation instead of jail time.

The judges we vote for in November could make decisions that will affect our lives, sometimes for years to come. We need judges who can be trusted to make fair and impartial decisions based on current laws and the facts in evidence—not judges who legislate from the bench or who are easily influenced by political correctness and popular controversy.

This year we have two well-qualified judges who are running to retain their seats: Judge Stephen French on the New Mexico Court of Appeals and Judge Judith Nakamura on the New Mexico Supreme Court. Both are fine candidates with experience and integrity. Judge French has been listed in The Best Lawyers in America for the past 16 years. The Albuquerque Bar Association named Judge Nakamura “Judge of the Year” in 2004. Their credentials are long and impressive.

I urge voters to look for these names on the ballot and vote to retain Judge French and Judge Nakamura.


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