Letter to the Editor: ‘iGLOW’ Succinctly Characterizes Los Alamos

Los Alamos

This is probably too late for your poll. CB Fox has T-shirts with “iGLOW” printed on them. Since I saw those, a few years ago, I felt that that succinctly characterized Los Alamos. 

It illustrates our dual heritage of atomic dealings, as well as the overabundance of geeks and nerds that populate our little town. Plus, the T-shirts are sold at one of our heritage stores (CB Fox having been here nearly forever), and the slogan was invented by one of the employees. To coin a phrase: This isn’t rocket-science, guys.

Nobody from outside of Los Alamos is going to have a clue about who and what we are, or even why a lot of people resent someone from outside (no matter what their credentials) trying to encapsulate our essence. 

We are Los Alamos, The Secret City, The City On The Hill … weGLOW.


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