Letter To The Editor: I Support Darryl Sugar

By A Concerned Citizen
Los Alamos

I am writing to voice my support for Darryl Sugar who is running for school board. Upon reading the article about him in the Los Alamos Daily Post (link), I was moved by his commitment to using the tough times in his life to help better our school system, both for his own grandchildren, and the other kids in the community. 

I think that it is admirable that he attempted to drop out quietly to avoid embarrassing his family with his past regarding the unexpected death of his wife and his tragic suicide attempt soon after. And I find it even more heartening that his family encouraged him to re-enter the race.

In a town where we too often don’t talk about the problems of the past, much less the ones we currently have, I think a courageous voice who is willing to stand up for those who suffer with mental health and addiction issues is just what our school district could use. After all, how long has it been since the Mental Health Design Team recommendations were made? And how many are still waiting for implementation? Darryl Sugar sounds like exactly the attitude of compassion and action we need for our students in Los Alamos.

Compare this to our other option, a candidate who has been a teacher in our school district for over 20 years of status quo without having made significant changes or advocated for our students as it became clear we needed change. And it alarms me, as a citizen, that Mr. Boerigter was known to publicly support President Trump and the Republican Party, and he has not made a public statement denouncing Betsy DeVos, who many of our own teachers in the district have taken time to protest as being dangerous and unqualified for the job. If we want to talk about rap sheets, an unapologetic supporter of the most dangerous President in our history seems like a much more risky choice than a grandfather who loved his wife enough to try and join her when she died unexpectedly, and loves his grandchildren enough to try and make a difference for them now. And who, yes, didn’t pay a speeding ticket.

Be the change you want to see.