Letter To The Editor: I Stand With Ofc. Jordan Redmond

Los Alamos

We believe Ofc. Jordan Redmond is an honorable man. One of the many ways he has shown his dedication to the community has been through five and half years of service with the Los Alamos Police Department.

Ofc. Jordan, as he was called during his service at the high school, has been terminated from the LAPD. In addition, he has been charged with a misdemeanor regarding the alleged infraction. As Jordan Redmond is an honorable man, he would not have maliciously violated policy or law, so there must be some kind of misunderstanding about legitimate work and pay. 

Jordan has requested that his hearing before the County Personnel Board Dec. 7, be open to the public. He is confident that when all the facts are heard, his name will be cleared. Unfortunately in the meantime, he has had to retain legal counsel to challenge the charge and the termination and to clear his name.

As of now, the legal fees are more than $13,000, and further costs and losses are expected before the situation is satisfactorily resolved. This does not include the loss of his salary. Jordan and his family need our help.

We have started a campaign called “I Stand with Officer Jordan.” Please consider helping him and his family by contributing any amount, no matter how small, in one of two ways. You can donate at Los Alamos National Bank or any of its branches to the account “I Stand with Officer Jordan.” You can also donate online at: https://www.gofundme.com/vw8j43ck.

You can read postings from the community about Jordan’s character and service on Facebook. The Facebook page is–I Stand with Officer Jordan. There will be updates on Facebook with details about the time and place of his hearing. Please attend to show your support.

Our community needs people and officers of integrity like Jordan Redmond. Please join us in supporting this fine young man and his family.