Letter To The Editor: I Love Lisa

Former House Dist. 43 representative
White Rock

I really  love Lisa Shin for State Representative, she reminds me so much of Representative Cecelia Rosales from Gallup in McKinley County, the district that she was elected from, and like Lisa, she lit up a room when she entered. She was elected from a Democrat district.

Lisa has a personality that gives entry into conversation and is ready to work out differences when needed, I have found her very bright and she can search out vital information in short order, she has an analytic mind tuned to clarifying issues.

Some people disagree with her, which she does not mind and if a resolution of the difference is needed she is willing to go to the mat or settle the issue with the best solution they can work out, I have seen her quizzical and eager to get to the problem. She can take an unpopular stand and justify it, with hard work.

Not all legislative work is issues and legislation. Sometimes it takes perseverance to work out a position to bring a thought to a conclusion and allow a difference to bring people together. Other legislators notice, and the freshman legislator gets recognition on the floor .

I see all things in Lisa Shin. I think we would be well served by Lisa and proud of her.

I would like Lisa Shin sitting in the chair for District 43, my old seat, and I can sit in the gallery and cheer and get chastised by the Speaker.

P.S. I Like Christine Chandler, too, but there is only room for one representative.