Letter To The Editor: I Have Read Your Entire Letter…

By Linda vanDyck

I have read your entire letter (Robert Visel) and would like to address your points one-by-one.

The gun problem in this country is both the user AND the gun. Without the gun, the user cannot do anywhere near the damage that he/she can do with the gun … it’s the combination that’s deadly.

Guns haven’t changed???? At the time the second amendment was written, guns fired one shot then had to be cumbersomely reloaded. No one at that time could possibly have conceived the weapons that are available today.

Today’s kids have become spoiled brats?  There have always have been kids who are spoiled brats. The kids I know, my grandkids and their peers, are thoughtful, politically active, smart, and caring. They are doing all they can to make the world a better place.

Your 4th paragraph, about diatribes, applies to both sides – your letter alone is a diatribe. Think glass houses and stones.

Miriam Webster has this definition of assault weapon: Definition of assault weapon: any of various automatic or semiautomatic firearms; especially: assault rifle

There will always be people who disregard the law. Does that mean we should not have ANY laws? Most people will try to conduct themselves according to the laws of the land.

The NRA and gun rights activists make lots of money off the gun controversy. They write books and get paid to make appearances supporting gun rights.

There’s no way to know if gun control will work unless we try it. It works in other countries and many people believe it will work here.

Bill Clinton’s presidency ended almost 20 years ago – long before this wave of mass shootings. Calling liberal politics garbage does nothing for your credibility.

The source you quote about gun crimes is not unbiased. It has a right-leaning bias. Attacking all liberal ‘talking points’ indicates you have no interest in listening to another point of view and, again, does nothing to advance your credibility.

My husband is a gun-owner. He grew up with guns. Many liberals are gun-owners and know a lot about guns.

And here’s a good quote from you, “You spout the same, tired talking points that Democrats and Gun Control Advocates always use.” Are you not doing exactly the same thing, except from the other side?

I would propose that the liberals/progressives are the only ones who are coming up with real solutions. Your ‘solutions’ are to do nothing. That’s clearly not working.


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