Letter To The Editor: How Could This Be … Once Proud Democrat Party Turns Things Upside Down

Los Alamos

How could this be? The once proud Democrat Party has turned things upside down. Once upon a time virtue was prized and the party believed in and prized individual thought, individual success, and individual rights.

Now the rules are different, one is guilty until proven innocent as shown in the hearing for Justice Kavanaugh and it is a crime to be a successful businessman when one makes a profit as Steve Pearce has done. Steve has been accused of holding hearings with oil and gas interests and at the same time having some business interests. What possible link is there that is criminal or unethical when earlier charges have proven false. It seems that the new standard is the un-American “guilty until proven innocent”.

Former President Obama made a Freudian slip before taking office when he announced that he was ready to rule. To rule not to govern, It appears that the Democrat Party has as their prime objective to accrue and hold power where the members, in lockstep would do anything, including one hundred eighty degree reversal on positions just to try to frustrate the administration in the attempt to regain power, shame on them. The Dems could have joined with their opposition to be a positive force that would have benefitted all citizens.

I have known many fine members of the Democrat Party and worked with them in the legislature to the benefit of all the New Mexicans. Since leaving office several Democrats have changed party registration to the detriment of their former party. When the Democrat party walked away from principles, I walked away many years ago. The party of my father was no longer mine. And I was right as shown by the steady movement toward a form of government the framers of our constitution wished to avoid. Let us hope that the Democrats may at some time in the near future return to sound basic principles that their forebears had.