Letter to the Editor: Homecoming Parade Should Focus On The School And Students

Los Alamos

I have to agree with Ms. Goforth rather than with Mr. Graham about having politicians in the Homecoming Parade.

The homecoming parade should focus on the school and the students. It’s their weekend and should not provide a forum for candidates.

In addition, I know there will be members of the class of ’64 here from out of town and state for their 50th reunion. I think it’s pretty safe to say that they’re not particularly interested in the political game of Los Alamos. 

If Mr. Graham hasn’t had a chance to meet and talk to the candidates, he might want to check the Los Alamos Daily Post and attend the many events presented during the campaign season. The Post captures almost all of these, I believe, in time for people to make plans to be present.

I may be old, but not so old that I don’t remember that students certainly aren’t interested in the political process during homecoming, unless it applies to selecting the queen and king.

Let’s let this be their event and use other opportunities for politics. I, for one, greatly appreciate the candidates recognizing this and bowing out this year. GO TOPPERS!