Letter to the Editor: Holding People to Higher Standard Should Be Only Way to Go

Los Alamos

There is an opinion piece in the Los Alamos Daily Post today (April 4) about not criticizing the police for killing people because ‘we haven’t walked in their shoes.’

Under this logic we shouldn’t criticize teachers for mistreating students because after all ‘we haven’t walked in their shoes.’ Nor should we criticize anyone with a difficult job who mistreats people, prison guards who kill inmates, priests who molest children, the list goes on.

Maybe the entire concept of holding people to a higher standard should just be thrown out altogether and we should accept mediocrity, abuse and murder as a routine.

Personally I think holding people to a higher standard should be the only way to go. When someone is killed it is a red flag that something is not working and we need to figure out what it is, why it is happening, and make improvements!


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