Letter to the Editor: Help Our Most Vulnerable Children

Los Alamos

As you plan your holiday giving, consider supporting the mission of your local CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocates.

CASA is a nonprofit organization that provides trained community volunteers to speak up for individual children who find themselves involved in the court system through no fault of their own.

My background was in education when I joined a group of volunteers who were former nurses, lawyers, editors, city employees, all of us wanting to help children we knew to be victims of abuse or neglect. The CASA staff carefully trained us in the skills, knowledge and resources we would need to advocate for the foster children we were assigned to represent.

Our foster children live in Los Alamos, Santa Fe and Rio Arriba counties. They need a “voice in court” in order to find a safe, permanent home quickly, whether that means returning to a parent or being adopted. We CASA volunteers provide that voice, sharing with the court both the child’s wishes and our own recommendations about what is in each child’s best interest.

So, when you plan your holiday giving, please consider supporting the important mission of CASA. Join us in helping our most vulnerable children.

For more information, visit www.casaforchildren.org  or call 505.820.1500.