Letter To The Editor: Gun Control

Los Alamos
Volunteer, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

I watched with a mix of horror and déjà vu when three people were shot on live TV by a person who never should have had access to a gun.

I sit to write this letter knowing that by the time I finish, three more people will be killed by guns in America. In the hour it takes someone to write an angry rebuttal, seven more people will be shot. It’s time to stop arguing about this issue—there are not two reasonable points of view.

Let’s stop letting the NRA dictate the discourse. Instead, demand a vote on universal background checks, insist guns are kept away from the violently mentally ill. Close loopholes that make it simple to buy an arsenal on the Internet.

Mothers, fathers, students, journalists: your silence will not protect you. Call, email, tweet, visit your elected officials at the state and federal level right now. Join a gun-violence prevention group. Let’s work together to stop this insanity.


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