Letter to the Editor: Gratitude and a Plea

Los Alamos

Heartfelt thanks to members and leaders of Junior Girl Scout Troop #10027 for your outstanding beautification project between the Aquatic Center and the canyon trails! It is a wonderful improvement to the area, and your efforts are greatly appreciated.

How grand it would be if this special spot, and all other areas of our community, could remain free of litter for all to enjoy! Once a week, on the daily morning dog walk, I collect a full bag of trash behind the Aquatic Center and on the trail that begins below the parking lot. (I know others do this as well.)

By the evening walk more trash has already accumulated. The abundance of bottles, cans, plastic items and paper products of every description, which are seen along our streets and trails does not support the local belief that we are a highly intelligent community. It would seem that Los Alamos residents – young and old – who are smart enough to master the various technological gadgets, which currently control people’s lives, are also smart enough to learn to put their trash in the receptacles provided.

And while I’m on my soapbox, it might be noted that neither trash NOR dog waste adds to the pleasure of a walk in the woods. I realize we have an abundance of marvelous trails. But I’m wondering if bags and receptacles, like those provided in the dog parks, could be placed at the trailheads of some of our major trails.

For now, plastic newspaper bags work well for this purpose. Following the example of the Girl Scouts, let’s respect the rights of all of our citizens to enjoy a clean community and the natural beauty with which we are surrounded.





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