Letter to the Editor: Graphene By The Ton

By WILLIAM T. SELLERS, Vice President
Los Alamos Entrepreneurs Network

Recently the Los Alamos Daily Post was kind enough to reprint an op-ed I wrote for the Albuquerque Journal on the complementary nature of nuclear power, as evidenced by the push for SMRs (small modular reactors) and a graphene-based desalination concept for New Mexico’s large reservoirs of brackish groundwater.

Turns out that R&D, and ramp-up on the production of graphene is exceeding even my optimistic forecast, as evidenced by this entry in the blog, Next Big Future: http://nextbigfuture.com/2013/06/graphene-by-ton.html

Make no mistake, the use of graphene materials in all kinds of applications will be as disruptive as the microchip over the old vacuum tube.