Letter To The Editor: Good Job Los Alamos Parents!

Los Alamos 

We participated Trick or Treating on North Mesa last night by sending our candy down a shoot from our front door. 

The kids had amazing costumes on, as did many of the parents! 

Everyone was with a mask, everyone kept their distance from each other, all the kids were accompanied by parents. And we were about 12 feet from the bottom of our staircase.

We all had fun and we were able to safely keep a holiday tradition going in our neighborhood. Good job Los Alamos parents!

Participating in Trick or Treating Saturday night by sending candy down a shoot from the front door. of this residence on North Mesa to help keep everyone safe. Photo by Barbara Phelps
View of the operation Saturday night utilizing a shoot to send candy down from the front door to Trick or Treaters at this residence on North Mesa. Photo by Barbara Phelps