Letter To The Editor: Giving Credit Where It Is Due

Los Alamos

In the article “Los Alamos Boosts Light-Water Reactor Research With Advanced Modeling And Simulation Technology,” nominally highlighting some science and engineering advances made at the lab in support of a national reactor program, I note that exactly zero (0) day-to-day lab scientists and engineers are named, only someone calling herself a “software business development executive.” 

This seems odd. Are we to assume that Ms. Kathleen McDonald, the bearer of this lofty title, somehow managed to do all this work by herself? Or did the Post manage to run an article that draws both broadly and deeply on the skills of the remarkable men and women in our community, including no doubt numerous Post readers, without bothering to find out who they are? 

Some investigative work seems indicated here, I would dare to surmise. I rather suspect that there are a number of scientists and engineers whose stories of work on this project are as valuable to its success, and as interesting to Post readers, as whatever a software business development executive contributes. Let’s hear those stories, not just the company line, although that line certainly does speak volumes about the company giving it.


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