Letter To The Editor: From A NOT Grumpy Trail User

Los Alamos

I appreciate Mike Browne’s sort of support (link) or the comments in my earlier letter (link).

I apologize that my English structure was too sophisticated for him to understand that I was saying I was not a grumpy hiker, but instead both a biker and a hiker. Perhaps he meant it humorously, but his labeling me as “grumpy” falls into a long established dishonorable internet tradition of name-calling to discount or dismiss other’s comments. “

As far as generalizing, I don’t think saying “many bikers” is a generalization. My experience the past few months has been that about 80 percent of riders I’ve met on the trail made little if any effort to contribute to social distancing. Hopefully, this discussion will make riders more aware of their responsibilities.

Unfortunately, Mike’s closing comments outlining his impatience with “slower” trail users blocking his “right of way” make him sound suspiciously like the kind of rider I was discussing. I think patience is what’s needed here.


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