Letter To The Editor: For The Love Of Daisy

Los Alamos
After the loss of our beloved cat, my son and I decided to invite a very lucky shelter dog into our home. From the very moment Daisy Mae arrived, our lives were filled with laughter and joy that no other pet had ever provided.
Daisy Mae. Courtesy photo
She quickly became my very best friend and I am now left feeling deep sadness and despair. The house is quiet, all her belongings have been gently packed away and are awaiting her remains to return to us.
The point of this letter is to not only pay a small tribute to my forever friend, but to extend my deepest appreciation to Friends of the Shelter, my landlord and all of my friends and neighbors who have been on this journey with Daisy and me. I also want to thank Dr. Frogett at Ridgeview Vet for her rock solid strength and support during this very painful process.
All of us watching this once very active, healthy, beautiful animal deminish into one that could not even use her back legs anymore, has been so painful for so many.
I encourage all who are reading this letter to love your pets everyday, adopt from your local animal shelter (they need us so very much) and donate your time and resources to Friends of the Shelter.
I know in time my heart will heal from this horrible agonizing loss and pray that Daisy’s memory will forever remain.