Letter to the Editor: Fire Arms in America

Los Alamos

Well…enough is enough!

As one fire arm owner I want to chime in and set some of the record straight.

First off I have purchased several firearms at gun shows and was immediately background checked. So to say there are no background checks at gun shows is a fallacy and big pile of you know what.

Miranda Viscoli spouted off some statistics that if viewed by themselves are pretty hard to swallow. But when you consider that knives, baseball bats and yes, hammers kill three times more people every year then firearms. Yet I don’t see anyone trying to put forth legislation for these weapons. And what about cars and medical malpractice? They are responsible for 10 times the number of deaths as firearms. The world has turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to vehicle and medical deaths. If you don’t believe me go and check out the statistics for yourself.

Any death is bad … and since non firearm weapons are causing more deaths per year then stop trying to vilify legitimate gun owners, the NRA and manufacturers as they are not responsible for what our law makers have been unable to do and that is control bad people who will never follow the law!

If our law enforcement would enforce half of the laws on the books the number of gun related deaths would go down drastically but you and I know that that is a pipe dream and the emotional and law makers are only interested in making a statement without any realistic change. Guns kill people like spoons make Rosie Odonnell fat and criminals and the mentally troubled people will NEVER follow the law so I will end my rant with one more useless slogan … ”When guns are outlawed, then only outlaws will have guns.”


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