Letter To The Editor: Final Comment On Planned Parenthood Debate

Los Alamos

I don’t have the time or energy to endlessly argue with people who will never change their mind, so I’ll make one final point to hopefully convince those on the fence.

At its heart, the Planned Parenthood debate is about whether or not we should allow abortion in this country. There are side parts of it, like the one that started this debate about the use of fetal tissue for valuable medical research, but that question is at the heart of the issue.

It is simple: preventing abortion via the law or other coercive means is misogynistic.

To prioritize the life of an unborn baby over that of an already living woman is to say her value in making babies is more important than her life. Putting the reproductive function of half the population ahead of their wishes, privacy, and basic human rights is what I find repulsive, disturbing, barbaric, and sickening.

It’s time we as a society stopped normalizing violence against women and started treating women as the  people they are.


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