Letter To The Editor: Face Masks And Vaccines

Democratic Candidate
Los Alamos County Council

A lot of people claim wearing a face mask is unconstitutional, this is a free country you can’t make me wear one, or wearing a mask is all about control of me not safety.

I have to ask do those things also apply to the laws requiring covering your genitals in public? How about wearing shoes and shirts in supermarkets and restaurants? How about an operating room?

Can doctors and nurses just say I don’t believe infections are real because Trump, Hannity and Rush say their not, so it’s my right not to wear a face mask when I operate on you.

I think Mr. Davey wrote a great letter explaining frustration, stating a goal, and asking good questions about how do we achieve immunity to COVID-19.

It got me thinking about how did we invent vaccines to start with. There’s some debate on who and when the first Small Pox vaccine was developed, but it was definitely the first and done the same way from the early 2nd millennia until the present system of syringe injection into a muscle was invented.

That way was to scrape the skin on someone’s arm and smear it with live cowpox virus. Only live virus was and is used today still.

I have to wonder, since the way the most severe form of this virus is contracted is through droplets in the air going directly to the lungs, or by getting to the lungs via contact with the tear ducts, nose, or mouth. Causing severe respiratory distress. The virus can be contracted several other ways that have their own severe risks, but seem to be less deadly by far than when the virus starts in the lungs.

Could live COVID-19 be placed just under the skin, not directly into a muscle or the bloodstream, to create anti bodies?


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