Letter To The Editor: Endorsing Lauren Coupland For District 3

Los Alamos

Lauren Coupland is my go-to for everything about our schools. I cannot count the number of times that I have thought “I need to ask Lauren about that” when it comes to questions related to education and the public school system.

Whether it is about a new state law that will impact schools, federal programs (like IDEA, IEPs, or any of a million other topics related to public school), I know that Lauren has already read up on the most current policies and has a deep understanding of the nuances involved. If she doesn’t know about what I’m looking for, she knows who I should contact to find out more. I genuinely do not know how she keeps track of it all! That’s not true — I know that she does it all because she cares so deeply about education and empowering our children.

Our families have been very close for the past 10+ years so I can say with unreserved confidence that Lauren will put her all into her time on the school board. She puts her all into everything she does. I have witnessed the evolution of Lauren as a parent commenting at meetings, to a committee member, and now to a candidate. I cannot imagine anyone who is more prepared, knowledgeable, or ready to get to work. 

But the most important reason that I am supporting Lauren for school board is that she is not afraid to talk about hard topics. Our society has a tendency to sweep things under the rug when they are uncomfortable, but ignoring a problem doesn’t make things better. Lauren knows this and will work hard to ensure that LAPS is tackling the tough topics like racism, equity, calendar changes, and every challenge that our schools are facing. 

Visit electcoupland.com to learn more, and then join me in casting your vote for Lauren.


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