Letter to the Editor: End of the Road, of the New Start

Los Alamos
A long time ago, I walked by a young man sitting on the sidewalk in front of Smiths. He was obvious homeless. I gave him some money, but I did nothing else. A few days later I read how he was having a smoke where he was sleeping, and this was next to the garbage can, and it caught fire. He died in that fire.

My two small doggies went missing, I was horribly worried a coyote would get them, or they would be hurt in some way. I was so relieved when the Los Alamos Shelter had them. To shelter homeless doggies is a relief, as when left to the elements without a roof over their heads they could die, too.

I was thinking about the homeless guy that is in town, and wondering how he will end up if no one will assist him until he finds shelter. WOW! Did you read the headlines: Los Alamos Community rallies together to assist the one homeless guy in the town. Someone bought him a hat, another a membership at the local YMCA, and a new bathing suit, another began calling to find shelter for him, another donated a tent, another took off the fear coat and offered a backyard, and the homeless guy felt so good, he wanted to change.

It reminds me of Victor Hugo’s Jean Valjean, and the priest who showed him mercy when he didn’t deserve it. That single act of kindness by that priest, or call it the power of love, changed Jean forever. Love is a powerful life changer. Love inspires others to want to change. My Uncle was an alcoholic, but he managed to sell a million dollars worth of products a year.

We all have something we do to comfort ourselves. Life is full of pain. What if God looked down from heaven and said you have to change before I will love you. I do not believe we can change ourselves. We need the love of Christ that will empower us.

Save the homeless guy will you. Have mercy. To who we think is least, and how we treat them, we will also be so treated. If everyone does something, no matter how small, we can deliver the love that changes lives. It is not who we provide shelter to, but how we provide and the motive for doing so. Life is too short to hold back good when you have it in your hands to do so.

Thank you for at least thinking about someway to reach him. This is not meant to put guilt trips on anyone, but please rethink the attitudes.


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