Letter To The Editor: Drivers Ignoring Yield Sign At North Mesa Roundabout

By Someone Not Expecting Any Changes

On April 25, a “Concerned Parent” asked that people driving near Los Alamos Middle School slow down. Immediately following this letter, I have seen LAPD officers sitting at the school entrance monitoring drivers.

I have driven past this school every weekday morning for three years and have never seen anyone speeding. However, by the time I get down the hill to the roundabout, I see parents and plenty of other drivers on their way to the middle school plowing through the roundabout at 50 mph and never once slowing down to yield to anyone. I guess they think they have the right of way.

I dare the LAPD to set up an observation point – perhaps in the woods at the golf course – from 7:45 a.m. to at least 8 a.m. on weekdays. But I doubt that they will. No matter how many times I have seen North Mesa residents complain that drivers ignore the yield sign at this roundabout, the LAPD turns a blind eye to our complaints.