Letter to the Editor: Don’t Blame Mother Nature For Fires

By Christina E. E. Anderson
Los Alamos

I would like to take issue with Jared McDonald’s statement that once again “we are under attack with Mother Nature’s greatest criminals.” (June 6, 2013 ladailypost.com)

It seems to me that Mother Nature isn’t at fault. Rather the power company whose pole caused hot wires to come into contact with trees. This happened west of
Boulder, Colo., where I lived in 2003. Twelve homes were destroyed and acres and acres of forest were burned. Some have yet to recover.
Many victims from the wildlife were dislocated and some were even killed or badly burned. This was the fault of (a company) failing to install a pole properly. The pole blew over in high winds and the resultant damage certainly wasn’t the fault of “Mother Nature.”
My kids and grandkids live in Los Alamos and they are saddened by the fire and its destruction of habitat as well as of the natural beauty of the wildlands.

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