Letter to the Editor: Domestic Cat Tracks–Please Take Better Care Of Your Pets

Los Alamos
On the coldest days and the snowiest, I always see kitty cat tracks in the snow in our yard.
We have had over a foot of snow since Friday night and still, this poor cat is out in the cold and the snow. It is only 11 a.m. and the temps are only in the 20’s. It could be the black and white cat that has been hanging around, or the tabby I saw a few days ago or perhaps the Siamese – all shorthaired cats.
If you can not take care of your cat, please do the best and humane thing for it; please take it to the Los Alamos Animal Shelter. Perhaps it can find a better home than the one it has now. I might remind residents that we do have mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes and of course, unkind humans; any of which could harm your pet.
I would hate to see a beautiful mountain lion have to be killed because it found so many delicious meals of easy prey and became acclimated to populated areas. So please protect our wildlife and your pet and keep it indoors. Thank you.