Letter to the Editor: Council Punishing Residents, Including Themselves, Seems Most Improbable

Los Alamos

It isn’t clear to me what action Gerald Antos (letter) expected Council to take with regard to the electric rates proposed by the Board of Public Utilities.

Council cannot make the projected DPU deficit disappear, so as far as I can see, it would appear that they had little choice but to approve the BPU rate increase designed to eliminate that deficit.
Remanding the rate increase back to the BPU would not solve the problem of paying for the infrastructure and maintenance improvements that BPU felt was necessary to provide more reliable electric service to the County residents and businesses.

Of course, if you are content with unreliable electric service, then maybe you don’t see any justification for spending money for those purposes.

I am not privy to the rationale behind the vote by Council members, but to think that Council members would impose a 20 percent increase in the electric rates on all residents, including themselves, just to punish residents that voted against the Charter revision, seems most improbable.