Letter To The Editor: Consider Voting For Rec Bond … Small Tax Well Worth Enhancement To Quality Of Life

By Monica Van de Water
Los Alamos

Please read, and please have an open mind. Our family always says, “options are always better than no options”!

Even if you don’t care, or don’t like it, consider “VOTING YES” to the upcoming rec bond. There are many families in Los Alamos that do want these recreational facilities. We should support that desire and the excitement that it is generating.

When the seniors needed money for improving the senior center, many of us voted “YES”. How does that benefit me? I’m not a senior. For the school bond, many seniors voted “YES” and they didn’t have children in school anymore. It just makes our community healthier, happier, and more productive.

Why can’t we have nice facilities? We have the highest wages in the state, and most of the country for that matter. We should make our city beautiful, appealing, and functional. We have the lowest taxes anywhere I have ever lived. If you have lived anywhere else you would completely understand this statement. The small extra tax burden caused by the rec bond will be well worth the substantial investment in the city and citizen’s quality of life.

The example I am most familiar with is hockey. We have to travel far and wide to play competitively. We have great athletes here. Why shouldn’t they be able to play in their home town more often. Why shouldn’t they practice here instead of far outside our city limits. It’s tiring for most families, and it is money spent somewhere else. As well, a number of local team clubs can’t have tournaments in Los Alamos due to lack of adequate and/or official facilities. We spend our weekends, and money, somewhere else. Hosting tournaments means other families come here and get to know our city through our national parks, museums, meet local people, eat in our restaurants, shop in our local stores, sleep in our hotels, ski, and hike on our trails. We have much to be proud about, let’s show our visitors how great this mountain town/community really is.

It is crushing when we read negative letters. Please inform yourself before voting. The Recreation Bond Ballot is in the mail. Please “VOTE YES”!